Terms of Engagement

We do the books so you can get on with business.

Engagement of AjC Bookkeeping as Bookkeeper BAS Agent # and/or ICB #


The scope of work is as set out below:-

1. Provide bookkeeping services: a. invoicing,

b. entering purchases,

c. payments,

d. receipts and

e. bank reconciliations


2. Entering Staff Timesheets

3. Prepare Payroll Runs as per required frequency

4. Monitoring Employees Entitlements

5. Monitoring Stock and Overseas purchasing

6. Reconcile, verify, report in relation to the GST accounting

7. Prepare and Lodge Business Activity Statements as per required

8. Prepare monthly / quarterly / annual management financial reports

9. Prepare end of year Payroll reconciliations and payment summaries

10. Reporting on profitabilty, liabilities, obligations and entitlements of the business.

11. Liaise and communication with the Australian Taxation Office in relation to these services

12. Liaise with Accountant


If additional work is required outside the above scope then we ask it to be outlined in an email before commencement of the work. If this work is outside our experience or competency we hold the right to decline the work and/or seek help from a person who holds the expertise.

Service Fees any Payments

All bookkeeping fees for the services provided to you will be based on the time and degree of skill and acumen required to complete the tasks required, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. We will, of course, send you an invoice of any fees you have incurred each week/fortnight/month so that you can track the cost to you.

Our bookkeeping fees are:  $60.00 per hour


Our consultancy and training fees are:  $120.00 per hour

(Note A: A monthly Fee can only be determined after 3 months of work has been performed to ensure accuracy of quote)